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Pre Nursery – KG Course (6 Months)

Personality Development

Pre Nursery - KG

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About Course


Duration:  6 Months Program (24 weeks/48 sessions of 60-90 minutes each)

Chapters & Topics

Week 1-4: Introduction to Emotional Development
– Understanding and Identifying Basic Emotions (Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, etc.)
– Encouraging Artistic and Playful Expression of Emotions
– Exploring Different Facial Expressions
– Developing Basic Communication Skills through Engaging Games and Activities

Week 5-8: Building Confidence and Self-awareness
– Stimulating Self-expression through Engaging Stories and Role-plays
– Recognizing Personal Strengths and Abilities
– Cultivating Positive Self-talk and Affirmations
– Understanding Personal Space and Boundaries

Week 9-12: Introduction to Social Skills
– Understanding Empathy and Sharing
– Teamwork and Cooperation through Group Activities
– Basic Problem-solving Skills through Play-based Learning
– Exploring Diversity and Inclusivity through Stories and Songs

Week 13-16: Review and Continuation of 3-Month Curriculum
– Advancing Emotional Intelligence
– Identifying and Managing Emotions in Various Situations
– Emphasizing the Importance of Kindness and Helping Others
– Boosting Confidence and Self-esteem through Positive Affirmations

Week 17-20: Effective Communication and Social Interaction
– Developing Effective Communication Skills through Role-plays
– Understanding the Significance of Listening
– Nurturing Friendship Skills and Conflict Resolution in Playful Settings
– Exploring the Concept of Sharing and Collaborative Work

Week 21-24: Exploring Self-expression and Creativity
– Encouraging Self-expression through Art, Music, and Movement
– Exploring Different Forms of Creative Expression
– Building Self-confidence through Show and Tell Activities
– Understanding the Value of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Note: This curriculum is subject to minor modifications based on the class progress and feedback. Each course is designed to incorporate a mix of interactive activities, case studies, role plays, and reflective exercises to cater to the specific needs and developmental milestones of the respective age group.

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