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Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health Awareness

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The Mental Health Awareness course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of mental health, coping mechanisms, and support strategies. This 3-month course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to identify, address, and support mental health challenges in themselves and others. Through a series of engaging pre-recorded videos, interactive live sessions, quizzes, assignments, and a capstone project, participants will gain a deep understanding of mental health, learn effective coping strategies, and develop the ability to provide support to individuals in need.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of mental health and related challenges
  • Develop coping mechanisms and self-care strategies for maintaining good mental health
  • Acquire skills to support individuals facing mental health issues
  • Enhance empathy, communication, and active listening skills
  • Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course


Week 1-2:

Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health

Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Understanding Mental Health Disorders (4 hours)
  • Stigma and Myths around Mental Health (3 hours)

Quizzes: Assessment of Module 1 concepts

Assignment: Reflective Journal on Personal Perceptions of Mental Health (2 hours)

Week 3-4:

Module 2: Coping Mechanisms and Self-Care

Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Stress Management Techniques (4 hours)
  • Self-Care and Well-being (3.5 hours)

Quizzes: Evaluation of Coping Strategies

Assignment: Creating a Personalized Self-Care Plan (2.5 hours)

Week 5-6:

Module 3: Understanding Mental Health Support

Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Types of Mental Health Support (4.5 hours)
  • Role of Community in Mental Health Support (3 hours)

Quizzes: Assessment of Support Strategies

Assignment: Research on Local Mental Health Support Resources (2.5 hours)

Week 7-8:

Module 4: Communication and Support Skills

Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Active Listening and Empathy (4 hours)
  • Effective Communication in Mental Health Support (3.5 hours)

Quizzes: Evaluation of Communication Skills

Assignment: Role-play Scenarios for Practicing Support Skills (3 hours)

Week 9-10:

Module 5: Addressing Mental Health Challenges

Pre-recorded Videos:

  • Identifying Warning Signs and Red Flags (4.5 hours)
  • De-escalation Techniques in Crisis Situations (3.5 hours)

Quizzes: Assessment of Crisis Management Skills

Assignment: Case Studies Analysis and Response Planning (3 hours)

Week 11-12:

Capstone Project:

Capstone Project Brief: Designing a Mental Health Support Plan (5 hours)

Weekly Live Sessions: Q&A and Doubt-clearing (2 hours per week)

Submission & Evaluation of Capstone Project (4 hours)

By the end of the 12-week course, participants will have completed approximately 40 hours of pre-recorded video content, 10 hours of live sessions, and various quizzes, assignments, and the capstone project. This comprehensive curriculum, along with the interactive components, ensures that participants gain a deep understanding of mental health challenges, coping mechanisms, and support strategies, enabling them to contribute positively to mental health awareness and support initiatives. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate.

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