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Digital Marketing with Data Analytics


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About Course


Duration:  6 Months Program (24 weeks/ 48 sessions of 60-90 minutes each)

Chapters & Topics

Week 13-14: Advanced SEO and Keyword Analysis
– Advanced techniques for search engine optimization
– Keyword research and analysis for digital marketing
– Implementing SEO strategies for improved visibility

Week 15-16: Advanced Social Media Advertising Strategies
– Advanced targeting and audience segmentation
– A/B testing and optimization for social media ads
– Advanced analytics for social media advertising

Week 17-18: Advanced Email Marketing Automation and Personalization
– Advanced email automation workflows
– Personalization strategies for effective engagement
– Analyzing advanced email marketing metrics

Week 19-20: Data Visualization and Reporting Tools
– Tools for visualizing and presenting marketing data
– Creating interactive dashboards for data analysis
– Reporting and presenting insights to stakeholders

Week 21-22: Advanced Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making
– Advanced data analysis techniques
– Leveraging data for strategic decision-making
– Predictive analytics and forecasting in marketing

Week 23-24: Comprehensive Project and Case Studies
– Application of advanced digital marketing and data analytics concepts
– Hands-on case studies for real-world scenarios
– Final assessment and project presentation

Final Project and Certification
Learners will work on a digital marketing and data analytics project to showcase their skills and knowledge. Successful completion of the final project will lead to a certification in “Certificate in Digital Marketing with Data Analytics.”

Note: This curriculum is subject to minor modifications based on the class progress and feedback. Each course is designed to incorporate a mix of interactive activities, case studies, role plays, and reflective exercises to cater to the specific needs and developmental milestones of the respective age group.

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